4G eval s.r.o.
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Czech Republic

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Marie Körner
Managing Director

Phone: +420732443499
Skype: mariekornerskype

Jiří Pištora
Managing Director

Phone: +420602244465
Skype: jpistora1

Barbora Latečková
M&E and Private Sector Dev.

Phone: +420603559952
Skype: Barbora.lateckova

ID 04744683, Registration no.: C 252777, Municipal court Prague


20 October 2021
During a conference organized by the Ministry on 20 October 2021, Barbora Lateckova presented interim results of evaluation of the project Increasing availability and creating opportunities health care for the homeless. Recording of the Conference is available on Youtube. Detailed information along with presentations is available on MZCR.
14 June 2021
Caritas Czech Republic signed a contract with 4G eval for the Evaluation of the project Partnership through Dialog for Sustainable Development.
04 June 2021
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic signed a contract with 4G eval s.r.o. for Evaluation of the project Using biomass for development of rural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016 – 2021.
24 May 2021
Under Sub-consultant’s Services contract with Sachsen Wasser, 4G eval provides services of SPP and PR Expert for the Accompanying Measures Component of the Water Supply and Sanitation in Moldova Center project.